Episode 064 with Diablo Cody, “The Fight”

Diablo and I watch the one where Zack and Slater physically fight over a girl they ask to a party at the exact same time, and Lisa wants to french a freshman.


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22 April 2014

Episode 052 with Jimmy Pardo: EXTRA ANIMATED EDITION!

The very talented and kind Jay Marks sent me this clip from "All In the Mall," to which he added his own animation! THIS IS SO AWESOME. You should probably show this to everyone you’ve ever met.

16 April 2014

Episode 063 with Jon Daly, “Mystery Weekend”

Jon and I watch the one where Lisa wins a radio station contest, and her prize is apparently six tickets to a murder mystery weekend, so she takes the whole gang along.


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15 April 2014

Episode 062 with Alison Rosen, “Home for Christmas (Part 2)”

Alison and I watch the one where Zack helps Laura get a part in the production of A Christmas Carol that the gang put on in the middle of the mall food court, and Laura’s boss accuses her of stealing and she temporarily runs away.


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8 April 2014

Episode 061 with Dave Holmes, “Home for Christmas (Part 1)”

Dave and I watch the one where Zack bumps into Laura in the mall and aggressively pursues her while his friends work their holiday jobs and a homeless man faints in the food court.


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1 April 2014

Episode 060 with Howard Kremer, “Rockumentary”

Howard and I watch the one where Zack dreams of the Zack Attack’s meteoric rise (and fall and then rise again) to fame, as narrated by Casey Kasem.


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25 March 2014

Episode 059 with Alie Ward & Georgia Hardstark, “The Video Yearbook”

Alie and Georgia and I watch the one where Zack uses the video yearbook assignment as an opportunity to make money for a car, and actually sells the phone numbers of the girls at Bayside to total strangers around town.


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18 March 2014

Episode 058 with Will Weldon, “Love Machine”

Will and I watch the one where Slater’s girlfriend from his German high school, Jennifer, shows up at Bayside, and Jessie goes buck and vandalizes school property while Zack schemes to date Jen.


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11 March 2014

Episode 057 with Paul Danke, “Cut Day”

Paul and I watch the one where everyone is psyched for cut day, but Zack has to sneak around due to too many absences; also, Slater and Kelly get closer while Jessie and Graham make protesting a romantic activity.


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4 March 2014

Episode 056 with Moshe Kasher, “No Hope with Dope”

Moshe and I watch the one where Johnny Dakota comes to Bayside to film an anti-drug PSA, and when the gang catch him smoking one single joint, they act like he smuggled black tar heroin into school in his butthole and quit the commercial immediately.


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25 February 2014

KKTY Tiger Radio

My name is April Richardson and I love Saved by the Bell. I was in high school in the mid-'90s, when SBTB came on four times a day: twice on WGN and then twice more on TBS. I watched every episode in that two-hour block right after school, and had already watched the original airings on Saturday mornings. I have every episode memorized, and while I might sometimes forget family members' birthdays, I can still tell you that Zack got 1502 on his SATs.

I started this podcast pretty much just to have another place to talk about this show. Once a week (or whenever I can), I invite a friend (usually a fellow comedian) over to my apartment in Hollywood to watch and dissect an episode with me. Listen along, won't you? It'll be like you're there with us, cracking on Zack and the gang!