Episode 082 with April Richardson, “Isn’t It Romantic?” and “Best Summer of My Life”

I watched the two clips shows by myself, because it felt weird/mean to make anyone else come over to sit through the “we gotta fill up 22 minutes and we ain’t got any new material” episodes with me.


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2 September 2014

Episode 081 with Kurt Braunohler, “School Song”

Kurt and I watch the one where the posse decide to give Bayside a new school song; Zack cheats (of course) in order to win the song contest, but gets his comeuppance in the form of “pure lemon extract,” which makes him choke in front of the whole senior class.


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19 August 2014

Episode 080 with Chris Hardwick, “Earthquake!”

Chris and I watch the one where Bayside experiences the longest earthquake in all of recorded human history, and Tori and Zack have to help Mrs. Belding deliver her baby in an elevator while the whole school listens.


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12 August 2014

Episode 079 with Scott Aukerman, “Snow White and the Seven Dorks”

Scott and I watch the one where the Bayside drama club decide to put on a rap version of Snow White starring nerds as the dwarves, called, of course, Snow White and the Seven Dorks. Also, Zack and Jessie make out.


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5 August 2014

Episode 078 with Jerry Ferrara, “The Senior Prom”

Jerry and I watch the one where Bayside students are too poor to buy prom tickets, so they hold a hoedown in the school gym, during which Slater and Jessie get trapped in the boiler room and slow dance while covered in soot.


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29 July 2014

Episode 077 with Kevin Christy, “Slater’s Sister”

Kevin and I watch the one where Zack is aggressively trying to get busy with Slater’s little sister and Slater is not having it. Also, the posse temporarily form a doo-wop group called the Five Aces? What?


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22 July 2014

Go Bayside fans! COME SEE THE SHOW LIVE!

Hey you guys! I am doing the FINALE of the show LIVE at the Los Angeles Podcast Festival! Click here to get your tickets to this SUPER FUN fest:


I hope to see y’all there!

15 July 2014

Episode 076 with Aaron Blitzstein, “The Teacher’s Strike”

Aaron and I watch the one where Zack and Slater want to go skiing, so they trick the teachers into going on strike instead of just like, forging a note from their parents or something.


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15 July 2014

Episode 075 with Tony Visconti, “The Will”

Tony and I watch the one where a deceased Bayside alumnus leaves money to the school in his will, so naturally there’s a Battle of the Sexes to determine which gender gets the cash.


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8 July 2014

Episode 074 with Paul F. Tompkins, “Class Rings”

Paul and I watch the one where Zack is put in charge of buying rings for the whole senior class, and is somehow surprised he got scammed by a man named Gem Diamond.


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1 July 2014

KKTY Tiger Radio

My name is April Richardson and I love Saved by the Bell. I was in high school in the mid-'90s, when SBTB came on four times a day: twice on WGN and then twice more on TBS. I watched every episode in that two-hour block right after school, and had already watched the original airings on Saturday mornings. I have every episode memorized, and while I might sometimes forget family members' birthdays, I can still tell you that Zack got 1502 on his SATs.

I started this podcast pretty much just to have another place to talk about this show. Once a week (or whenever I can), I invite a friend (usually a fellow comedian) over to my apartment in Hollywood to watch and dissect an episode with me. Listen along, won't you? It'll be like you're there with us, cracking on Zack and the gang!