Episode 023 with Aimee Mann, “Rent-a-Pop”

image Aimee and I watch the one where Zack hires James the Actor to play both his father and the principal so that he can go on the ski trip, despite his failing grades; however, Derek Morris is too busy “selling computers” to listen to his son’s problems.


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9 July 2013

KKTY Tiger Radio

My name is April Richardson and I love Saved by the Bell. I was in high school in the mid-'90s, when SBTB came on four times a day: twice on WGN and then twice more on TBS. I watched every episode in that two-hour block right after school, and had already watched the original airings on Saturday mornings. I have every episode memorized, and while I might sometimes forget family members' birthdays, I can still tell you that Zack got 1502 on his SATs.

I started this podcast pretty much just to have another place to talk about this show. Once a week (or whenever I can), I invite a friend (usually a fellow comedian) over to my apartment in Hollywood to watch and dissect an episode with me. Listen along, won't you? It'll be like you're there with us, cracking on Zack and the gang!